connecting world changers



The TeenPact Alumni Association exists to connect world changers.


Providing a platform to connect, equip, and support graduated TeenPact Alumni, to further the gospel of Jesus Christ



Reconnect AND build
alumni community

You’ve been involved in TeenPact and graduated from high school recently or ages ago – congratulations! Let’s reconnect! You can help us by inviting your other post-high school TeenPact friends to join and ensure our Alumni Association is truly representative of our audience.


Provide Transitional AND Career mentorship

Whether it be transitioning out of the TeenPact program, considering a career field, or pursuing professional development, we desire to provide transitional and career mentorship, matching you up with people who have gone before you.


Continue Global Gospel Impact

Changing lives to change the world goes beyond 13 to 19-year-olds in state capitols – it can be done anywhere! Our mission is to provide a platform to connect, equip, and support Alumni to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.




For twenty-five years, TeenPact Leadership Schools has been changing lives around the country – to know Jesus, to love Him, and to engage His world and His people for the glory of the Kingdom. Through cultural engagement, critical thinking, and civic activism, TeenPact has striven to equip Christ followers with the tools they need to go out into the world as leaders to make a difference.

And so, we went. TeenPact has been a springboard for many to go out into their own spheres of influence and bring about gospel growth. Whether in the arena of politics, or ministry, or business, the arts, or the raising up of families, graduates of TeenPact Leadership Schools are indeed changing the world.

As time has gone on, many graduates of the program have lost touch with the community and encouragement they enjoyed so richly during their time with the ministry. Although TeenPact is a high school program, its impact is long-lasting and reaches further into the adult lives of program graduates than anyone could have anticipated.

So we asked previous interns what they thought, 108 of 250 responded, and the TeenPact Alumni Association was born. Approved by the TeenPact Board in July 2018, the Alumni Board has worked tirelessly to develop this idea into a reality. We are here to reconnect the expansive Alumni community that reaches back to 1994.


The Alumni Association, in its pilot year, is beta testing under the oversight of the TeenPact Board itself and will be up for a board vote in the fall regarding phase two.